Banks – at support zone

CRUCIAL support level for the banks!

here’s the last post on the Banks:

note, we are pretty much at the important support zone … can go down into 53 and still have a support zone alive. remember banks lead us down and lead us up .. support here and a bounce should relieve pressure on our equities.

DB Oblivion …redux 03/11/2020


the epicenter of the Corona Virus is China.

the epicenter of the REPO crisis is DB. DB breaking to new lows is NOT A GOOD THING. ding ding … here comes the REPO train and we DO NOT want to be on it …

you can follow the saga of DB here:

what a mess … reminds me of the title to this movie …

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very important level on the Banks!

03/18/20 – last time I posed on the banks you can see this level held and then rallied nicely. it never made a new high. now, take a peak below as we can see a nice support zone that has appeared around 53-57. the 1.618 extension is the low of the day today. the ‘low’ might be in …banks lead us up and lead us down. I see this as a ‘bounce’ but one that is needed …