Gasoline Futures, the Aussie and Audioslave …update to the update

12/29/2016 – updating Aussie and Gasoline. Recommend paying attention to: long term basic cycles that hit on the Aussie Monthly along w/ the dashed purple measured move the daily BUY pattern on the Aussie note, both Gasoline and Aussie have been churning in around here BUT they are opposite. When the high of the gasoline […]

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Gorilla’s put dynamite down for now …reload after dollar pulls back. (the dynamite is the 4 trillion/day FX market)

Summary: perhaps, it’s my background as a Naval Aviator for 11 years.  I just read a post about “fighter pilots and organizations” and one of the points was the art of the debrief.  so, as I post “stuff” on this blog I attempt to make it all “real time” because those snap shots allow me […]

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