Pound … almost time? UPDATE to the UPDATED and UPDATED 10/22/2017

10/22/2017 – pound smacked into a wall of China resistance area.  this one is tough … as you can see below, we did NOT work the triangle correctly and the rally continued into the polarity zone.  the reason it’s tough is because of the very nice and basic time cycle shown below.  it’s almost perfect and, for roughly 30 years, this cycle has caused the pound to explode higher … the ‘middle cycle’ in the time of 2000-2002 based for a while before exploding.  so, do you trust POLARITY of the CYCLE?  Call me crazy but I’m in favor of the cycle for now and will be looking for a BUY opportunity over the coming weeks/months as the ENTIRE WORLD has stops right above the Polarity Wall of China resistance area ….I’ll just try to look for a pattern.

it will work or it won’t … a very interesting time indeed.


03/22/2017 – Pound carving out a triangle and then a dump into the 1.17? Only time will tell.


12/26/2016 – still looks like we have a little more time to go into the lows.  perhaps a little lower at the targets shown (?)



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