a bud asked me to take a look at $EMR for him … it shows the “classic” 3 waves to a new low which then results in the classic C wave Up (in this case) and then the trend down should continue (which says “rates” should rise OBTW)

if you want to see the “expanded flat pattern” in work real time on a long long scale take a peak at this move in Dr. Copper:


Again, folks, all of this was REAL time w/ no “could have would have should have” type of stuff.  Pure patterns … and math, and music, and vibrations and I digress. Read the above to “see” the PATTERN (Expanded Flat – tip off was a 3 wave to a move high) and the resulting C wave that was very bearish but the PATTERN foreshadowed a TREMENDOUSLY BULLISH MOVE for COPPER to NEW HIGHS and then, well, night night.



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