Gasoline Futures, the Aussie and Audioslave …



at a certain point you have to ask yourself – are you going to listen to everyone or do the work yourself.

if you want to “feel the Bern” then let him “show you how to live …”

come on man, do the work:









  • monster cycle hitting this month from 1986 on Aussie.
  • take note of the “measured moves in price” coming tino the 1986 and 2001 low .. they are the same footprint
  • very oversold w/ bullish divergence


  • note, 5 waves down on natural gas
  • .9438 symmetry
  • 1.27 extension
  • 1.27 wave 1 = wave 5
  • monster bullish divergence …


Gasoline Futures


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