USD vs CHF (Swissy)

Long Term Monthly Log:

  • note, it has not “officially” broken out (USD) versus the Swissy from the 1971 high
    • note, the chart below is a LOG chart
    • we also have resistance from 2005
  • RSI – in a bear market, the RSI will oscillate around 20-30 and 55-65.  Those levels are shown in red below.
    • Besides a brief pop above the zone, in 1985, this market has contained and respected the “bear market” zones.
    • however, pay attention to the support that was found in/around 2014-2015? that MONSTER MOVE down respected the BULL MARKET support zone. (Green)
    • SO, IN CONCLUSION, we are at a pivotal time for USD vs CHF.
      • we’ve tested, twice, the upper bear market resistance zones.
      • if it breaks thru, then, more than likely, it will seek the green resistance above.


USD vs CHF – weekly

  • pretty big candle going down, but as a USD bull, I’m going to look at taking a crack around the .382.


folks, this one is going to be interesting …


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