Square Roots and $BABA

I had the chance to “chat” w/ JC today and was really watching the EUR vs AUD set up and he mentioned – $BABA.  Full disclosure – I am not long this security as it really hasn’t been on my radar screen. I have been monitoring it w/ the correlation to YAHOO which had come down into my target zone after this post: http://www.seeitmarket.com/yahoo-stock-pullback-yhoo-price-targets-watch-14035/ .  I did notice the bounce in YHOO around my target level.

But this is simply about square roots and, as a technician, one must seriously pay attention to them … period.

I took a quick look at $BABA and my “eye” is trained to see the classic AB=CD/thunderbolt pattern and I labeled it. Then I ALWAYS check out the square root of the high and … well take a look at the chart.

Square root targets ON TOP OF “normal” projection techniques and/or “typical” Fibonacci retracement levels are “wonders to behold”

Enjoy …

One last … in order to travel one full cycle around the Square of Nine you do the following:

  • Take square root of a number
  • SUBTRACT or ADD 2 (this pushes you around the wheel)
  • Resquare that number .. you have now completed one full rotation around the number.
  • If you want you can do Square Root +/- 1.618 …
  • And, since you’ve read this far the Square of Nine is a square root calculator but it’s also a planetary projection technique. TILT … well folks that’s what the Great Pyramids did – to a major degree.  So, take the square root of a number and then PROJECT a planet that many DEGREES and watch what happens. Just saying …

Anyway – here’s the chart.

  • where are the moving averages, oscillators, bollinger bands, clouds and blahh blahh ….?


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