the key to the Ten Year Treasury Yield

I’ve highlighted an area w/ a blue rectangle.

Folks, that’s 5 waves up so – ultimately we need another 5 wave move up to occur.

I think that’s in work as of the close last week and have projected ten year yields to spike to 3.6-4.0 for now.

Going to be interesting to watch …

notice the 5 wave move UP … need another 5 wave move up. Believe that’s happening right now


Author: BART

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One thought on “the key to the Ten Year Treasury Yield”

  1. I see this as a second wave 2 vs. B. This is because I see an extended third wave in the five waves up. The correction in 2 retraced (past the 4th of one larger degree) to sub-wave (2) of 3. Adds confirmation to impulse wave 1 and corrective wave 2.
    Thanks for the post. I agree this will be interesting to watch.

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