Home Builders relook …

as you can see from below the Homebuilder Index (XHB) has broken out most recently from the congestion area highlighted in the link below and now has a target of 38. Not bullish or bearish – just a pattern guy.  so, as you can see below, we are finishing a PATTERN but what about the top 10 holdings of this ETF?

CLIFF NOTES:  all top 10 XHB components have SELL PATTERNS.  So, IF these work then they will weaken.  IF NOT then this ETF should make new highs.  We know our line in the sand …





Here are the top 10 holdings of XHB in no particular order – all are showing SELL PATTERNS

Main20150112080246 Main20150112080444 Main20150112081901 Main20150112082014 Main20150112082153 Main20150112082321

Main20150112082515 Main20150112075751 Main20150112075921 Main20150112075939


CLIFF NOTES: can see why this current level is important using Adams Pitchfork Method.  The Head and shoulders shown in the post below never materialized by breaking the neck line and we rallied a buck or so higher.  Still looking for this to be an “end of move” pattern …

And I’ll Huff and I’ll Puff and I’ll Blow Your House Down


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