this Mexican Food is HOT ($CMG)

CLIFF NOTES: well we looked for a top in/around the 610-620 level and it hit and fell 140 bucks.  BUT – it gapped threw the pattern to new highs. I still see a 5 wave count and would bet that this stock is at 250 bucks vice 800 in a year but that gap has 1 of 2 messages.  Crazy, unbelievable strength or one final exhaustion gap up/near the highs.  Strategy here is simple .. if long, enjoy the rid but cut bate if we ever close below 580.

Last, take a look at the chart below w/ volume … pretty interesting that every 13 weeks for the past 2 years a spike in volume has occurred ….hmmm.

Main20140818181700 Main20140818181924 Main20140818182402 Main20140818191349

Author: BART

BART is a CMT and an expert a "advanced" pattern recognition used w/in the intermarket analysis discipline. He's also an accomplished Business Development Executive providing solutions to a myriad of business markets.

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