the origin of trend lines …Facebook

IF you believe that EVERY thing is vibration (some do, some don’t) THEN you might believe that stocks bounce around according to the energy they VIBRATE from their IPO and/or key inflection points (highs and lows, etc). IF you also believe that the PATTERNS I post every now and then are governed by geometry THEN […]

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$CMG update w/ @seeitmarket

@seeitmarket is one of the best places to get market research.  being a part of the @seeitmarket team of contributors is a blast and an honor. thanks Andy and have a great Thanksgiving Holiday. Here’s the latest update for $CMG.  Posted back in Feb that a top was coming. Hit my target area perfectly but […]

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this Mexican Food is HOT ($CMG)

CLIFF NOTES: well we looked for a top in/around the 610-620 level and it hit and fell 140 bucks.  BUT – it gapped threw the pattern to new highs. I still see a 5 wave count and would bet that this stock is at 250 bucks vice 800 in a year but that gap has […]

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about the BIDU and CMG charts …


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