Palladium SELL pattern complete – AAPL to follow?

    Attached is the chart of the Palladium pattern completing ….a slight modification to the wave count but our target area for Palladium has been hit and the selling has started to increase.  Palladium has been the strongest. Feel free to read below for more detail.     When looking at any security, I […]

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AAPL and Palladium – dancing w/ the stars?

  When looking at any security, I always try to look at cross market correlations (intermarket technical analysis I guess) to see if we can get correlations/confirmations.  One of the more important correlations has been the price of Palladium and the AAPL stock and to another extent the NASDAQ.  They are NOT perfectly correlated but […]

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Palladium liquidation and NASDAQ

9/17/2014: this correlation is pretty strong and Palladium hit our target exactly and has been being liquidated heavily in the past month.  Keep an eye on either 1) Palladium finding support to build momentum for a move higher in NASDAQ OR 2) drag the NASDAQ down w/ it.  Let’s face it … ain’t NO WAY […]

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Palladium at major resistance …

Cliff Notes: Palladium converging into to major resistance.  This is important because it’s a nice little commodity to watch w/ regard to the NASDAQ and AAPL. In order to build the pattern we are going to to go step by step this morning  into “why” Friday’s high was important from a PATTERN perspective. 1. First, […]

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