Gorilla’s put dynamite down for now …reload after dollar pulls back. (the dynamite is the 4 trillion/day FX market)

Summary: perhaps, it’s my background as a Naval Aviator for 11 years.  I just read a post about “fighter pilots and organizations” and one of the points was the art of the debrief.  so, as I post “stuff” on this blog I attempt to make it all “real time” because those snap shots allow me […]

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Gorilla’s juggling dynamite … and the US Dollar a redux

the post below is from February 13, 2014 and I believe it’s important to rehash the most recent moves in the US Dollar. Believe this move has room to go, however,  we need to patiently wait for a corrective pattern to form. this move in the dollar is real so try to get long in […]

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Gorilla’s juggling dynamite … and the US Dollar

  Early in my career I had the wonderful opportunity to get training from Joe Di Napoli (  Highly recommend learning some of his techniques but, most importantly, his understanding of the market structure and the players in the game.  One of his favorite sayings is we must realize that “you are entering into a […]

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