USD vs JPY – crucial support

again, if your a bull for equities, then we would like to see this level hold for the USD vs JPY.

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is the Sun going to set or rise in Japan (aka the Land of the Rising Sun)

CLIFF NOTES: for the reasons shown below, 102.70 is the KEY level for the USD vs JPY. If we exceed this level, then believe the USD will begin to soar again vs the YEN.   Going to try and work thru the entire “Elliott is good // Elliott is bad argument” by simply saying when […]

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USD vs JPY an update

CLIFF NOTES: intraday, the pair has just completed a 5 wave movement down. ¬†folks, it’s a tough count in that we are either a-b-c complete and we move UP and highter above 103 from here OR we subdivided and after this brief bounce we continue down to attack the 101 level which has held for […]

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