MSFT vs AAPL .. the great rotation

MSFT / AAPL – note, long term LOG scale and it appears that MSFT (from a relative strength perspective) has broken out this month … now, this does not mean that the MSFT stock won’t go down – it simply means – from a relative strength perspective – it appears that MSFT is the ‘stronger’ of […]

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XLE ratio analysis worked well, this time

1/23/2016 – wanted to show these charts again. they are all ratio analysis of XLE (energy) versus the major components of the S&P.  Ratio analysis w/ pattern recognition is very powerful. all of these patterns hit, oil moved down to the 25-27 area, the OSX/NYA ratio worked and Oil popped and the Loonie got 500+ […]

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continuing to work a long Loonie potential- more

am looking at the relative strength of the XLE versus components of the S&P that make up more than 10% of the S&P. sure looks like the RELATIVE STRENGTH of XLE is about to start outperforming the larger components of the S&P based on patterns. of course, the patterns can always fail and the drift of […]

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relative strength of staples vs the S&P importance

in order to get up to speed, if you have not been following, please see the following post: we completed a perfect price/time pattern BUY on the ratio and it did, in fact, respect the pattern level.  HOWEVER, since then we have taken out the lows of that pattern and if we go back […]

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