MSFT – everyone reading this post learned how to make a circle form 3 points …

folks, honestly, being in the parabolic wave is quite the rush and I’m 100 percent guilty of getting out too early and I would really love it if someone told me they got in at the exact bottom and took it all the way to the top … bless you if you have! 🙂

finding tops and catching knives is a fools game … we all know that. but you can use geometry to get a clue …

so, taking what I learned in my geometry class I used three points to define a circle, found the gravity center and then use 0 price and drew my arc. it’s below.

is a top coming – oh you betcha your bottom dollar.

is my analysis of that potential top target area correct ? I have NO IDEA.

but, we can watch and wait for a signal reversal candle ….