I like to draw circles … just work w/ me. how the 1987 low and recent high are connected by geometry

a couple weeks ago I posted this: it was some geometric work I did on JPM and ‘real time’ the top of a circle. I do have a theory of ‘why’ this technique works in projecting support or resistance but I’ll leave that to me and some of my friends. it really doesn’t matter – […]

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GE for a friend … let me know if you have any questions UPDATE: 03/31/2018

03/31/2017 – I like the .786 level in/around 10.95-11.56.  Note the percentage change from the 2000 high (-64.69%) and how that same percentage change is present now right at the .786 retracement.  We are at 40+ years low on the RSI and some overlapping ratio’s.  It’s do for a very nice bounce.   12/7/2017 – […]

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GE – ratio analysis, it’s the lowest in 40+ years

02/03/2018 have been eyeing GE BUY for the past couple weeks and am still hawking the 13.70-14 area.  decided to do a ratio analysis of GE/NYSE.  Folks, it’s the lowest relative strength for GE versus the boarder market (NYSE) in 40+ years. from a contrarian perspective .. this puppy is really really beaten up.  am […]

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GE for a friend … let me know if you have any questions.

wait for a little lower? note all three legs up (blue arrows) were exactly the same and so this move down was to be expected.  using the last ‘big’ move down as a projection and it comes into that 23-24 area. I DO NOT LIKE THAT IS HAS REACTED WEAK ON THE LONG TERM LOG […]

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