FX Currency update

last post on US Dollar Index: https://bartscharts.com/2021/02/22/usd-index-close-to-a-big-move-up/

well, it’s certainly getting interesting.

watch the levels shown on the GBP and the EURO and USD Index to get a feel for what might be coming this week.

IF we hold these levels then expect dollar strength .. EURO and POUND weak.

IF we FAIL on these sell patterns for the EURO and the POUND then the dollar will take a pounding and go right into the level we have been waiting for what seems like a LONG LONG time … stay tuned tonight.

personally, WAITING and have a “hunch” that the levels will fail (USD weakness) and go forth and attack the lower level shown on the USD Index which is the SAME level equal to EVERY move lower in the USD in the past 30+ years. worth waiting for … don’t you think?

Dollar Index update before NFP

Cliff Notes:

  • thrust and momentum into the final pattern level at 79.52 is strong // warns of a failure.  a BIG deal.
  • losing this level will open 79.00 // can’t stress enough the importance of this most recent action w/in the FX world.
  • Chinese Yuan completed a perfect pattern and is moving up .. (WATCH THIS CLOSELY)




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