Interest rate forecast …updated

8/28/2014: the 2.358 level did not hold.  In fact, in the way I look at the market, the PATTERN caused the gap. the gap below the pattern is a big deal.  I’ve shown the projection/pattern that “caused” the low at 2.322.  right now, looks like our low back on August 15, 2014 will be attacked. […]

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Interest rate forecast …

8/22/2014 – if you read below you’ll read “my bet is on the TEN YEAR holding this low and starting back up ….”  If that is the case then we have a VERY NICE PATTERN appearing on the Ten Year Treasury Yield that has multiple confirmations going for it ….remember folks, this is a 5 […]

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Jackson Hole … let the games begin

CLIFF NOTES: folks, follow this link to catch up on the Fixed Income story: CLIFF NOTES 2: this is a tough one … the pattern in the fixed income market (30 year) failed and has gone much higher//the pattern on TBT failed.  HOWEVER, the long standing target on the TEN YEAR Treasury Yield was hit […]

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