Key level on Fed Fund futures destroyed today @seeitmarket

take notice of this one folks … been blogging about it a bunch here for a while.  THE KEY LEVEL  was smoked today.  the probability of a generational low in interest rates just went up.  let’s not get to crazy – yet.  we have next week FOMC decision to deal w/ and then we’ll see […]

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anyone else notice the GAP DOWN in Fed Fund Futures?

I will claim, right now, to have ZERO IDEA or INTEREST what fundamentals drive interest rate policy.  Not a clue.  However, I will claim to be able to read charts to manage risk. Am I “right” every time … well yes, because I know where I’m wrong every time (TILT) because I’m a pattern dude. […]

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rates ..

watch for a WEEKLY closing below to signify the 5000 year low in interest rates is over. key folks …make it easy and don’t listen to all the talking pundits.

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is it LIVE or is it MEMOREX – what is going on w/ fixed income?

great commercial w/ that dude sitting in his chair … one of the things that I’ve been watching amidst the “noise” (yes, noise) of the talking head pundits saying “rates this and rates that and rates are xxxxx” is, simply, the Fed Funds Interest Rate Futures.  In past posts we have successfully captured swings in […]

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Fixed Income Pattern and October 1987

there are some very interesting things to point out regarding fixed income tonight … in the chart below note the following: a swing low has never been broken in this bull market run that started 33 years ago.  they are shown by the dashed green lines we think a MAJOR top is at hand in […]

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