Memorial Day

05/29/2017 – Memorial Day.  No matter your political party, it takes all shapes, sizes, color, sexual identity and anything else to run the military of the United States. It’s flipping amazing and I’m so so so honored to have done my small part ….

for some background, back in the day, the F-14 Community would throw a yearly party called the Fighter Fling. It was truly a blast .. the ladies got all dressed up, the crews got their “mess dress” w/ medals on and then the party, well, started. I’ll just leave it at that …

the ‘highlight’ of the ball was the annual video which everyone submitted action shots for …

I can’t remember a fighter fling where – at the end of it – there wasn’t a memorial for someone who had lost his/her life flying.  Every single year.

Well, as many of you know, the F-14 was decommissioned and taken over by the FA-18. (smart decision OBTW)  In 2004 the Fighter Community got together for one last ball and at the end of the fighter fling video the list of names of everyone who had perished flying and F-14 was listed.  It’s a pretty long list …

So, this is my blog and I can do what I want (note the South Park reference).  Just wanted to have a few w/ a Navy background and a few w/out to recognize the list of names and if, time permitting, you could just close your eyes and take a deep breadth that would be cool.

Everyone rock on – ok?


fast forward to 17:25 as it’s pretty cool what they did w/ Van Halen “RIGHT NOW” .. but to get to the list of names go to 22:34.

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