buy your shirts now … Cotton getting ready to explode – Update to the Update

03/22/2017 – cotton has went up and tagged the lower boundary of a BIG GAP.  “should” be pausing and pulling back …

I haven’t noticed the price of cotton shirts, underwear, what have you going up … have you?  I don’t buy much anyway.  But, however Cotton Futures are priced on the Exchange, you know I don’t know a thing about that. Just patterns …

Cotton’s up around 46% from levels described above.  Folks, LOG percentage measured moves (extremes) work.

Cotton, who would have thunk it?



03/14/2016 – my good friend JC ( just blogged about cotton and it jogged my memory that 15 months ago I blogged about a low coming in cotton.  (I’m good at timing, right? LOL) But, time is the key component and the PRICE level just completed the same corrective move (-75%) that represented the largest corrective move – EVER.

just saying, Cotton could be rolling w/ like Mr Toads Wild Ride …here’s updated charts:

Page_16-03-14_20-12-10 Page_16-03-14_20-18-11

if your an ETF player, perhaps look at LONG BAL in/around these levels and stop out below 35?



Wrong below 54.45 ….picture paints a thousand words.  Two charts so here’s two thousand words.



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