Great British Pound – polarity principle at work

wow .. what an amazing vacation in the Outer Banks this past week. W/ a clear head, I open my charts this AM ..

so, the Pound found support on a 31 year .786 retracement…it “should”. But, as we know, it doesn’t have to hold – at all.  But so far it has …

now, if you’ve been following my blog you’ll find that this 30 year support in the 1.35-1.38 zone should not become resistance – polarity principle.

as for me, I’m going to look for a buy pattern (nibble) – folks – this is roughly 1000 pips away so, while it doesn’t look like much on the Monthly chart – it certainly could be a sizable rally right into the “wall of china” polarity principle.

hope you had a great week ….get some.



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