SIVB harmonics and geometry … can’t get any better than this UPDATE AS OF 06.27.16

06.27.16 – some strong momentum today caused this pattern to get sliced thru and closed below. would have “hoped” for some strong support.  However, there are targets lower – so watch those.  also, note the xlp/$nya ratio … the banks will rally w/ any broad equity market rally (or they should) so not ready to call this “done” .  For now, a close below the old low on a daily basis makes this wrong.

Watch the XLP/NYA ratio, the XLP looking for support at the.618 swing and the lower targets on SIVB before throwing in the towell.

Page_16-06-27_23-00-52 Page_16-06-27_23-01-48


was cruising Stocktwits (@stocktwits and saw Howard had posted SIVB. When I don’t know a stock or ticker I like to go play around.  WOW, this is a beauty.

it’s a PERFECT BUY pattern in/around 86.09-86.25. OK, 86-87.  check it out …


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