Virtruvian Man and the market … square that circle!

having a blast putting together my presentation .. the only problem, I have TOO MANY charts.  LOL …

I’ve added just a little bit more flavor to the intro and I’m trying, in 10 charts, to simply show:

  • EVERYTHING is a system of pure pattern in FORM and PROPORTION
  • EVERYTHING vibrates and puts off a sound or signature
  • IF we understand SOUND then we can understand the universe
  • Study sound thru the principles of music
  • Apply this study to the market …

Theory and Background

so now that the theory is done … I worked my way over into the Virtruvian Man and the POWER and real meaning behind that drawing by Davinci and, yes, applied it to the market.  Had to cut out some of the slides because there isn’t enough time but thought it was interesting to see how one can “square the circle” in the market.

Believe it, or not?

Virtruvian Man

Make it a great weekend.


2 Comments on “Virtruvian Man and the market … square that circle!

  1. Hello,

    You are doing some fine Geometric “work”, and am finding it most interesting as I am
    sharing the same interests. Anyway to see some of your MTA presentation for those not members ?

    • Jeff, thanks for visiting. I will upload the entire presentation once it’s finished. No issues at all. I’m about 60 percent complete. I have to many darn charts …! Let me know if you have any questions.

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