Bart’s Rule of Life for Pattern Recognition Specialists …

Rule #1: Parabolic moves NEVER end well.

In learning pattern recognition thru geometry, music, sacred geometry and other “stuff” one of the things that always stuck out from the ancients who knew this stuff in a much more granular and spiritual way than we do now is that EVERYTHING need to be balanced … night/day, yin/yang, male/female, etc. etc.  I mean, is it by chance that the EXACT measurements of the British Foot/Pound System, the exact dimensions of the radius of the earth and moon, Pi, the golden mean and blah blah blah are found in the Great Pyramid?  Just one example …

No, it’s not a coincidence. So look at this post for more detail:

But the bottom line is parabolic blow off tops and parabolic crashes WILL need to counterbalance the EMOTIONS of the move. The emotions are manifested geometrically as parabolic blow offs and these emotions are manifested in vibrations and since they are emotional vibration energy they can be predicted by? Guess what .. math and geometry that we learned in 3rd grade. There I said it ….

so take $HRL. Wow what a move … I mean amazing BUT folks it’s gone parabolic and today it has the beginning of an island reversal which is VERY BEARISH.

So here’s a step by step process to “see” the geometry and make your gameplan accordingly.  Yes, it could go another 5,10,15 percent BUT when it cracks it will crack hard to BALANCE the EXTREME BULLISHNESS EMOTION w/ a counter BEARISH MOVE.  It’s that simple …


off she goes UP UP and AWAY

this is what a parabolic moves looks like on a long term LOG chart .. note the upper channel. Certainly appears to be a potential resistance point if today didn’t do it …


that’s a beauty …if was non-log. the above is what a parabolic move looks like and notice the RSI is the highest ever ….


Note the following charts are how you find the gravity center of what you are trading….




note here I used 2x ratio of the gravity center
note here I used 2x ratio of the gravity center

using 2x the gravity center I now created the arc to “see” this move and then used ratios .886 (square root of 786), .9438 and 1.05946 equal octave scale of music to capture every point of support and resistance on the way up. We hit the upper arc and created and island reversal today.  Perhaps that’s it? Perhaps not …



so here is the “island reversal” present on both the weekly and the daily time frames …if we close below 40 It could go to 20 very quickly.


Stay tuned …

Bart’s Pattern Recognition Rule #1 is PARABOLIC MOVES never end up good … this stock is parabolic. Caveat Emptor …


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BART is a CMT and an expert a "advanced" pattern recognition used w/in the intermarket analysis discipline. He's also an accomplished Business Development Executive providing solutions to a myriad of business markets.

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