the ripples in the water of the World Wide Water Index

  1. the market is vibrations.
  2. vibrations are waves
  3. when a rock, for instance, hits a pond it produces waves that manifest outwardly
    1. in the market, the ROCK IS THE INITIAL IMPULSE MOVE
    2. we divide the high and the low and we get the fundamental frequency.
      1. in this case it’s equal to – basically – the golden mean – 1.619
      2. 1.619*1767 = 2862 and THAT landed right on the 1.27 extension (square root of 1.618) of the 2007 high.

so, we have a lot of patterns coming into play and that is arcing out the “standard” H+S pattern w/ the neckline shown by the dashed black line …. looks like 2500 ish is the neckline … a weekly close below that is something to watch …big time.

cool, hugh?


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