1856 ….

if you read my last post (here: http://bartscharts.com/2015/08/20/i-think-this-is-a-song-of-hope-robert-plant-live-stairway-to-heaven/ ) you’ll understand the importance of a “swing low.”

I’m watching 1941 – blue arrow measured move that has happened before but, more importantly, 1856.  1856 represents the largest correction down since 2009 BUT MORE IMPORTANTLY is a KEY swing low area … if we take out 1818 then this puppy could really breathe.

also, note how 1970 (close today) calendar days ago we did a plunging low in October 2010, rallied for a bit and then another climatic plunging low.


One last … don’t go long the equity market till the EURO starts back down …once dollar goes back UP then believe this cleanse could be complete.

Have a great weekend .. enjoy the ride.

STUDY the CHARTS and turn the TV pundit dorks off …

S&P 500 weekly
S&P 500 weekly


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