$FIT and square roots …

I don’t like to post “after the fact” but today – w/ the air conditioning being blown and tons of BD work done I thought I would sit back and check out some stocks.  Had a great conversation w/ a friend about EPS, PE and stuff like that and told him it was all BS but that’s just showing that I’m ignorant about fundamentals so I should probably learn about them … nah.  I left the smart people do that ..

For me, I like square roots … here’s a an hourly on $FIT.  Just sat back and did some math to relax (I know most chartist dudes and dudettes are geeks.)

All I know is $FIT smacked right into the square root target from the low … if you want to really get close you could use the “open” but I think the point is made.  When you +/_ 2 you have done one full circle around the Gann Wheel.  The Gann Wheel is of course a square root calculator, a planet and number synchronization tool (that’s what they used the Great Pyrmaids for) and, well, blah blah blah.

Just to have some fun, did the square root-1 to go half way around …

There is tons going on in this chart .. spend some time studying it.  $FIT has a nice rhythm …

One last, take note of the blue rectangles…as above, so below.  Just a neat technique to balance harmony, form and proportion ….

Rock on, ok?


$FIT vibrations
$FIT vibrations
FIT ripples
FIT ripples
FIT geometry - all from the initial impulse move UP
FIT geometry – all from the initial impulse move UP

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