Crude “should” target 76-77 as a bounce target.



Thus far, the low at 44.22 has held. Yes, we had an intraday spike below but – note – it closed above 44.22 and then ripped for a nice signal reversal candle to the upside and believe we could target 76-77 w/ 60-61 as initial resistance.



4 Comments on “Crude “should” target 76-77 as a bounce target.

    • Bill — great point. On that note – this entire market is difficult to say the least! Thanks for visiting …

  1. Hi Bart,

    I’m on the same page regarding a potential bounce in crude.

    Hope all is well.


    Malcolm M. Trevillian, CFA CMT Verity Asset Management 280 South Mangum Street Suite 550 Durham, NC 27701 919-489-8181

    • Malcolm — how are you? Great to hear from you and hope all is well. It hit the target rather nicely and now has a technical daily signal reversal. let’s touch base and talk the markets when you get the chance! In Raleigh a bunch for my new gig …

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