HD update …


Updated chart of HD posted below.  Summary, as discussed in old post (#ouch) the 102-106 region now coming into play. Also, notice that Forest Griffin is smiling even though he got punched a few times.  Manage risk folks, manage risk.



Cliff notes: major pattern from all time low on HD got smoked at 85-87.  HOWEVER, let’s take a look at what the long term is showing …it’s showing 5 waves folks so in/around here 105-110 or 130 this should represent an end of move. But for now … anyone got a “cut man” for the corner?

hey ... NOTICE he's smiling ... got run over by HD but still smiling!  :)
hey … NOTICE he’s smiling … got run over by HD but still smiling! 🙂


I see 5 waves ...
I see 5 waves …


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