not sure what to title it, so just going to call it Part I

“There is a geometry of art as there is a geometry of life, and, as the Greeks had guessed, they happen to be the same.” — Matila Ghyka

I had the wonderful opportunity to sit down and have cocktails w/ JC this week … want to, again, thank him for a bunch of things.

  • Thank you for getting me to blog … almost been a year and I really enjoy it.  Thanks …
  • Thank you for advancing the art of technical analysis the most of any technician in the past decade.  (my opinion)  Quite frankly, he’s energetic, accurate and shows the world that you don’t have to be a geek to understand TA.

Everyone has a story and he got an earful of mine …(I bought the drinks so he was required to listen (JK))  We discussed a myriad of subjects but the bottom line is he told me to “tell the story.”  So here we go …

One caveat … it DOES NOT matter how you enter/exit the market.  Just “find” YOUR edge, believe in it and pull the trigger.

My edge is “advanced pattern recognition” – we both tried to come up w/ a name for it and this just sticks. So if you dare to start down this quest (trust me it is a quest) then here’s where we start….

It is crazy that the largest market in the world – FX – will stop on a dime and pivot at the completion of a PATTERN based on harmony, geometry, music, square roots and the like.  So, if it is crazy, then how in your right mind can you take a trade if you believe this is the case?  Well you can’t … so before anyone starts down the path of market harmonics, music, vibration, etc. it is imperative that they read, digest and enjoy this book:


IF, the big IF, you can’t put this book down (like me) then your hooked and I’m sorry. 🙂  If you struggle w/it and it doesn’t resonate w/ you then, do yourself a favor, and STOP and don’t go changing.  It’s not that your not intelligent or anything like that … it just doesn’t resonate w/ you, so don’t force it.  Trust me, you’ll know.

So …after reading this book and posting some great numbers I was asked by my friend Cody Taefel, CMT to lecture at the University of Richmond.  Here’s the intro slides that I used to summarize vibration theory in 15 minutes or les:


I was also asked by my good friend, Jeff Lay, CMT to give a 15 minute presentation at the 2009 Annual MTA Seminar as an “Emerging CMT” – here’s the link of my discussion:

MTA Presentation

It was my thought that this presentation would be well received.  It wasn’t … not sure why, but for whatever reason, it didn’t necessarily resonate w/ the crowd and I went back to Leesburg VA.  That was 5 years ago …

Now, for one last chart on why I believe this is an EDGE (an edge is simply a higher probability of something happening than not happening) I am going to post the “call” that I made as Lead Technician for When2Trade Group on March 06,2009.  It was to BUY the XLF ..

xlf-call feb-28-xlf

So, that’s the beginning.  Start w/ an open mind, go buy the book and see if it resonates (vibrates) w/ you … if it does then devour it and get ready for a fascinating journey.  I am still amazed when it works …and when it doesn’t, well that’s what stops are for.  I think advanced PATTERN RECOGNITION is the holy grail in that it let’s one know exactly where you are WRONG.


Author: BART

BART is a CMT and an expert a "advanced" pattern recognition used w/in the intermarket analysis discipline. He's also an accomplished Business Development Executive providing solutions to a myriad of business markets.

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    1. I will check w/ Tim Licitra. Thanks for the heads up … it’s basically me talking about those charts but I will see if the link is broken. Is that cool?

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