reheating the Campbell Soup post from Sept 13′

CLIFF NOTES: here is the post showing the pattern completing and the short that was recommended.

Here’s the deal … they don’t get any better than this …it was a “near” perfect set up in PRICE AND TIME.  An, if you think about it, the entire pattern took from 03/98 to 09/13 to complete.  but you know what … it sure is strong.  So, the .786 is a little higher around 52 so if we get above that it could really take off.

just thought I would show you a pattern at work …

think about it – go back and look at the post from last September and you’ll see a PATTERN completing and, for whatever reason, price went to that level (note it was actually a high at 49 – 7*7) and the BUYING STOPPED ON A DIME.

Patterns work and sometimes they don’t but they do work 100% of the time .. letting you know when you are WRONG!

Try em’ sometime, you might like it …

Campbell Soup

Campbell Soup

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