Palladium and AAPL

CLIFF NOTES:  The second-biggest application of palladium in electronics is in the manufacture of multilayer ceramic capacitors,[42] in which palladium (and palladium-silver alloys) are used as electrodes.[34] Palladium (sometimes alloyed with nickel) is used in connector platings in consumer electronics.[43][44] It is also used in plating of electronic components and in soldering materials. The electronic sector consumed 1.07 million troy ounces (33.2 tonnes) of palladium in 2006, according to a Johnson Matthey report.[45]

CLIFF NOTES 2: for a while it was nearly perfectly synced w/ AAPL until AAPL went parabolic.  It has recently broken out of a consolidating triangle while AAPL corrected from it’s near 50 % drop.  Once AAPL bottomed, XPD started the leg up.  Now we have what is called a butterfly top into the .786 from the old time high.

STRATEGY: watch this level on XPD (880-895) for signs of a top (weekly signal reversal candle) and w/ this confirmation would lighten/close any long AAPL positions.  IF we get a WEEKLY close above the 895 level then continue to hold AAPL long.


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