our first hint we are soon to be carving out a bottom in Gold …

as a pattern recognition dude, I simply look for patterns and try (it’s hard) to be objective and go w/ it.  if you have been following we’ve been doing OK w/ everything BUT the equities.  Patterns haven’t necessarily failed, but they are being tested for failure, that’s for sure.  the bullish sentiment is at ALL TIME HIGHS for the past 30 years …

on the other hand http://www.marketwatch.com posted this today: http://www.marketwatch.com/story/golds-13-year-bull-run-breaks-with-29-annual-loss-2013-12-20?dist=countdown . my past couple posts on Gold and Silver have shown how I “think” we are carving out a 5th wave that could be the BUYing opportunity.  As the pattern to BUY appears the PRESS will be declaring it’s no good, get out of Gold and we’ll stop seeing those CNBC adds about silver and gold and metals ETF’s …

so, I recommend not yet, but this is my first “quick look” that a low in th emetals for either a MAJOR bounce or an eventual march higher is w/in the next quarter or so …don’t jump the gun, yet.

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