this, never gets old .. Bladder of the Fish and Soybeans

  03/28/2016 – am prepping for a presentation I will be giving at and it’s about the math of the great pyramids, Stonehenge and Music.  I’m trying (really I am trying) to walk slowly thru the progression of why square roots are important and I had to include an example of the Vesica Pisces […]

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the bladder of the fish and, well, Soybeans

had a “google hangout” w/ JC today and we zipped thru, easily, 6 different asset classes from stocks, commodities, single stocks and currencies in roughly 10 minutes. “check this out – boom boom boom” and “blah blah blah” – and we were done. question .. how long do you think it would take non-chartists?  hours […]

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