$YHOO should find support …”should”

the last time we blogged for @seeitmarket about $YHOO we looked for pattern completion around 48-50. since the highs we’ve corrected roughly 33 percent in the biggest correction since the 2008 lows. today, we finished the first pattern BUY since the top and we also have 34 a little lower. .382 retracement from 2008 lows […]

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Busy with @seeitmarket coming into the 2015!

Folks, what a wealth of information from Andy @seeitmarket ….. Here’ what I’ve been up to – check out the links and all of the amazing contributors: the Banks … they lead us up and they lead us down.  PATTERNS suggest they are at MAJOR resistance and what this means for the overall market: IBM […]

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YHOO important PRICE and TIME target hit (intraday)

so, did a post about the Alibaba ($BABA) fever and full expected that upper target up/around 48 to get tagged and then some selling to come in … well YHOO had been pounced lately (roughly -15%) and now we just completed an intraday SELL pattern as shown here:   so, here’s the daily pattern that […]

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$YHOO, Rocky and TAP OUT

in the world I live in the chart is everything … price and time and PATTERNS.  an amazing businessman, friend, mentor and excellent investor/trader and I are short YHOO.  he’s listened, studied and has seen the power of the patterns …the power in the fact that they manage risk.  BUY or SELL at the pattern […]

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