USD vs Japanese Yen coming close to resolution (?)

10/22/2017 – we discussed the ‘RSI SHIFT’ below.  taking note of it again …have been on the sidelines w/ regards to the USD vs YEN as I’m waiting for resolution of the downtrend line shown … note: still in the ‘maybe’ camp of 2 being done … so were going to be watching the YEN […]

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USD vs Japanese Yen

here’s some work that I’ve been doing on the YEN: just taking a look at the weekly RSI and, when I trained under Constance Brown she said “the market will tell you when it’s shifting, watch the RSI zones for clues.” as you can see below … the, what I believe, multi-decade wave 5 occurred […]

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USD vs YEN gameplan …

love it when a new high is made IN THREE WAVES …this give us a heads up that the wonderful pattern called an EXPANDED flat could be at work. “usually” the c portion is equal to 1.618 the a portion and then the correction is over.  see below …could be a chance to get into the […]

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@seeitmarket YEN update and an ETF to use for this move – YCS

update on my USD vs YEN post over : chart of YCS use the low of 70 as the “don’t go below” point for stop considerations. 84 next area of resistance. Bart

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