VIX – April 23, 2023

Last post on the VIX:

The VIX reacted to the first ABCD in/around 17 but that “bigger” ABCD laid in wait. It has been hit ….

I just got back from my SUP Veterans Retreat and have been completed off the grid for a week. DO IT – just like Mikey, you will like it.

Anyhoo, always great to see things w/ VERY fresh eyes and … check this out.

The TIME down from the 2020 spike in the VIX is equal to the TIME from the spike high in 2022.

Throw in the ABCD and you have a VERY important level to watch on the VIX.

VIX – January 20, 2023

VIX – we wait and wait and wait … this “green rectangle zone” target has been on my radar since July. No kidding …

Simply, would really really like the VIX to go down and attack that level. PLEASE?

Note the Orange measured moves correspond to the two projection areas. Additionally, look at all the extension targets in the last chart.