Visa … an amazing business model and an amazing ride and some cool math.

Hint: take some profit …

Here’s some charts on Visa .. actually doing this blog post to the JOSHUA TREE by U2. What a great piece of poetry .. “The Mother of the Disappeared” is amazing. Anyway … I think this run in Visa is done “here” or into the 3 drives.  check out the monthly bearish divergence present .. should be topping “now-to soon”

cheers, continue to make it a great weekend …



might go up to that upper trend line but this “long term” bearish divergence has me concerned … check it out.


folks, the above chart shows the fundamental frequency.  if you want to figure it out …check out as Michael Jenkins is not only an amazing mentor but he’s a friend.  HE TAUGHT ME THIS … the credit is all his.


above are the targets …not sure which one it will be.

all that being said – we have a GREAT SELL PATTERN appearing NOW.

so, IF this holds then Visa could start down BIG ELSE it will seek the higher targets.


So, on the long term charts the monthly bearish divergence coupled w/ the targets shown above and the SELL PATTERN hitting on Friday say that this goose is cooked. I will be shocked if Visa can overcome the levels shown above … but that doesn’t mean anything, it’s all probability.

let me know if you have any questions.


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