the Dollar Index as of March 13, 2016

here’s the near perfect pattern that began this monster advance in the dollar: additionally here is a very long term chart of the USD Index: I put my own levels on it below … some things to note: even in the midst of this monster rally – we still haven’t hit a .382 retracement from […]

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dollar strength foldback up move – complete

September 9, 2014 CLIFF NOTES: the mirror image foldback that we have been following has, for all intensive purposes, completed the move up.  Expect some dollar weakness and, believe it or not, the entire leg down noted by the red arrow to the left of the chart could be a possibility.  the key point – […]

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the Dollar Index Fractal

CLIFF NOTES: I thought I had posted this once before .. the POTENTIAL mirror image foldback on the US DOLLAR.  I have gone thru my charts and I can’t find it but I know I sent it to Larry P so … here it is.  Also, go back and look at the UUP (Dollar ETF) […]

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Dollar Index and the “D” word …

updating the dollar index fro this previous post: yesterday, saw a quick blurb on the financial news channels that first mentioned the “D” word and here is the link: today, they CUT RATES and the dollar index took off like a rocket ship.  having had the wonderful experience to gain the CMT and […]

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US Dollar as of 10/27/2013 9:00 PM EST

in our last post we discussed the importance of current levels on the dollar or the 78.73 level a little lower.  in “counting terms” believe the dollar is carving out a major bottom in what can be coined an expanded flat corrective move.  if this analysis is correct, I am expecting a major move on […]

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