Uber Update

last post on UBER: https://bartscharts.com/2020/12/02/uber/

taking a look back at Uber we have reached the objective discussed a couple months ago ” in the low 60’s”

note the SAT trend line .. yes, that is SATURN HELIOCENTRIC. Nice little band it’s been banging into from a support and resistance perspective … certainly looks “toppy” and one could easily draw “another” H+S formation from the beginning of 2021 and most recently … key neckline as shown below.

taking profit and cutting and running


lot’s going on here … I’ve told peeps before “I’m a musical technician that uses crayons!” 🙂 I enjoy sitting down and seeing what the chart will tell you. it’s relaxing.

Uber popped into my mind after the mind boggling pop I heard about today. no other reason than that … anyhoo, you’ve seen me use most of these techniques before, so just hit me back or IM me and we can discuss.

bottom line … perhaps a pause here but this is impressive thrust so I would HOLD or be a buyer of dips looking to scoot into the low 60’s …


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