Gold – October 15, 2023

Last post on Gold:

I did NOT get filled on my resting buy order for Gold. Will now try to work into a LONG Gold position.

If this count is correct, Gold is off to new all time highs in a 5th wave …the 3rd wave of this 5th wave is, more than likely, just starting.

Gold (spot) – January 23, 2023

Line in the sand for me along the lines of the “bearish gold case” is that the red rectangle is an expanded flat. At times, the “c” wave can go 2.618*a and that’s just a little higher along w/ the 1.732 (square root of 3) extension target.

For those looking to short, recommend waiting for a daily close below 1879 (red horizontal line) Sitting my hands until then …

For now, believe gold has topped or is topping out …


Gold / Oil :update 04/10/20

little higher for a very important target on the ratio of Gold/Oil

04/10/20 – our target level hit and, if you look closely below, you’ll see 5 waves down .. followed by 3 waves up into a “perfect” SELL PATTERN for the ratio. IF this pattern works (the big if) then expect Crude to strengthen against gold and, perhaps, keep the oil rally going for a little while longer.

one of my readers asked me a question on Gold/Oil ratio. below I have charted SPOT gold / futures oil (continuous contract) – wow, pretty amazing move … take a look at the 1.618 projection target a little higher. that ‘should’ (operative word) cause some resistance. additionally, if we keep this parabolic rise in the ratio then the 12 level on oil doesn’t seem to far fetched, does it? thanks again Ray for the ping … great question and observation. that’s what I see .. hope it helps. Bart


gold completing a multi year triangle

have been pretty silent about gold as it has gone up and down and up and down again and again … and, most recently, it’s started back down. folks, this is a complicated correction in Gold. And, mind you, its just that – a CORRECTION in a multi year down trend. here’s the thesis – we are the last wave of a contracting triangle which will then cause a very very strong move to the upside .. but, for now, I believe that will end a C wave and the a-b (triangle) – c correction will be over and another leg down in Gold will begin. now, mind you – this is going to all take months or a year or so to complete but it’s the best interpretation that I can think of, for now … so, near term, if your bullish (which I am near term and am already long) get ready to BUY gold once this ‘e’ leg of the a-b-c-d-e triangle is complete.

GOLD – time to buy for next leg up?

12/22/2016 – w/ near record pessimism for Gold it appears that another leg up (to complete a multi-month long correction from 1046) is about to begin.

levels below have a LOT of math …

  • 1.618 price projection (dashed blue line)
  • 2.236 (square root of 5) extension
  • .786 retracement
  • square root target using a 3.618 Fibo square of 9 projection
  • fundamental frequency target (think of the rock hitting the water and making waves)

wrong below the last low of 1046.




Gold since 1913

historical data is king … w/ the correct and long term data we can make some very powerful forecasts and look for patterns that others might not see.  I came across a chart the other day that showed the price of Gold in/around 20 bucks when the FED was created in 1913.  so, below I plotted the PRICE action that took us up the low of 252 in 2001.  I wasn’t surprised that the recent low in Gold was a .382 from 20 bucks …NOW we can understand why this is an important level.  In any liquid instrument that has been on an extended BULL or BEAR run the .382 correction is “usually” a good stopping point and a place to asses market action.  strong and powerful trends will hit these levels and resume like a rocket ship.  weak trends or shifts from bull to bear or vice versa will, usually, respect the area, but then will give away and continue lower.

I really don’t have an opinion on the gold bounce … I do have an opinion on the wave count and that tells me lower, for now. when doing pattern work for this key commodity, make sure to use the 20.67 level.  that node will prove to be important again.

SPOT GOLD since 1913
SPOT GOLD since 1913