Parabolic Moves have NEVER ended well …

Below you’ll find charts showing the parabolic blow-off of the NASDAQ, CTX (housing), LEH (banking/investments), JEC (oil services), Green Mountain Coffee (GMCR) and Apple (right before it lost 50% of it’s price – remember?) The reason I post these charts is because when I look at IBB, NKE, XLV, etc I see the SAME PATTERN. […]

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A monster move …

a lot of work goes  into finding high probability set-ups … this was our last post on Coffee Futures and SBUX.  I had been trying to find an end (not trying to call a top but simply look for a pattern) to the SBUX run.  Ratio analysis was finally sealed the deal for me … […]

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I love this chart …

the WX in Northern Virginia today is just down right ugly … snow, winter mix, wind has picked up.  Have been doing posts, checking on the wife w/ a herniated disk and the 9 year old w/ a sinus infection and then playing Pink Floyd looking for patterns.  As I was going thru the charts […]

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