GOOGL DOODLE – February 02, 2023

Congratulations to the Kansas City Chiefs. Man, what a game …well done NFL to a very entertaining and competitive event. Oh there was definitely the undertones that one would expect but, dare I say, they almost promoted THE diverse and amazing country of melting pots we are …? Maybe ?

Last, the commercials confused me a bunch. Hat tip to Breaking Bad but a lot of em’ I was left saying ” what are they trying to convey here?”

Of late, I have read and digested multiple books, episodes, podcasts, etc. of Mr. Robert Edward Grant. Folks, I encourage you to follow him and really try to understand the message he is speaking. Seriously ….

As such, I’ve taken up sketching (which I love) and squaring the circle and then adding the platonic solids and then realizing the a^2+b^2 = c^2 holds such vast and universal truths around the creation and manifestation of the universe that … I decided to just pull out the crayons and “prove” to myself the amazing harmony and geometry that exists in the markets and if WE (me included, trust me) are just PATIENT enough it will reveal itself and we will have the opportunity to manage risk and, potentially, extract money from the markets.

So, I typed in GOOGL and just started to draw … (mind you, I had never done this before, the charts are “real time” as I captured them at my leisure.

As I type this, now that its done, I can tell you that the harmony and geometry are amazing … and to think, we were taught this back in grade school.

How to draw an arc from three points ……

often times, 4.236 times the initial impulse move will prove to be R .. this time it worked and 2×4.236. WOW.
pick three points – mine are the blue highlighted squares at/around the bottom left
using basic geometry, create circles equal to the distance of each square. connect the lines ….
at 1/2 the intersection price (290) draw an arc equal to the distance from 1/2 gravity to price low
the “first” square
from the first square, create “fractals” of the gravity center square and continue …

Take note, anyone see the likeness of an “Adams Pitchfork?” The above is the REASON the Adams Pitchfork is such a powerful tool. It essentially makes the squares and the diagonals for you aligned with the first impulse move up or down …

Anyway, how does this help us trading? For me, it just reinforces the geometric and harmonic nature of any liquid instrument. Yes, I know that this is all “after the fact.” If you have been following me for a while you know most, if not all the time, I post “real time” or as “near as real time” as possible. Tonight, it was just an exercise to show me (and perhaps some of you) the geometrical and harmony of the market … that’s all.

GOOGL just finished a pretty smashing GART SELL and it’s been straight down SO .. I’m not looking to BUY anytime soon for GOOGL.

Last, sorry I missed that GART SELL. Just haven’t been watching “the Google” very much … no reason. Just haven’t …

NVDA Musical Polarity and the Vesica Pisces

I was asked to look at NVDA and, while it hit a nice top at/around 575 I usually don’t like to do post like these because it’s a “could have, would have, should have” type of post but I wanted to show some readers the GEOMETRY working w/ NVDA.

In this case, we picked the first “major” correction and that becomes our initial arc .. folks THAT MOVE DOWN SIGNIFIED BY THE RADIUS OF THE BLUE ARROW IS THE ROCK HITTING THE WATER AND IT PUTS OFF WAVES ….those waves are, essentially, vibrations and they are governed by music and sacred geometry.

have done a ton of post on the square roots and the inverse of square roots and how they tie into the frequency of string.

when using arcs, circles the same concept of polarity applies so after the initial arc is drawn we EXPAND THE ARC by musical notes and sacred geometry ratio’s and we look back into the past to see where support or resistance (depending on the direction your going UP or DOWN) is present. In this case, we can see that expanding by musical note A of the equal octave scale of music is exactly the bottom of the price that coiled and consolidated and then lit the cans and took off!

so, w/ the polarity principle in mind – S becomes R and R become S IF the bottom of the circle (in this case) is support then the top should (doesn’t have to ..) be resistance. thus far, it has been resistance.

the other thing we need to notice is .. it’s also a 1.618 price projection …

NVDA is cooling its jets …

Now, see the AB=CD in/around 412? WATCH THAT LEVEL CLOSELY as a potential target as …. price likes to go back and tag the AB=CD if/when it blows thru that failed pattern … also, note, from a “price” correction the largest measured move correction takes us right down to the AB=CD

since I already had the circle drawn I went ahead and did the Vesica Pisces and then rolled those vectors to price .. they can also be done w/ price. remember PRICE = TIME.

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