dollar strength foldback up move – complete

September 9, 2014 CLIFF NOTES: the mirror image foldback that we have been following has, for all intensive purposes, completed the move up.  Expect some dollar weakness and, believe it or not, the entire leg down noted by the red arrow to the left of the chart could be a possibility.  the key point – […]

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how about a HOLLAH for the DOLLAH ?

CLIFF NOTES: target, essentially, hit on the dollar index.  perhaps a little higher?

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the Dollar Index Fractal

CLIFF NOTES: I thought I had posted this once before .. the POTENTIAL mirror image foldback on the US DOLLAR.  I have gone thru my charts and I can’t find it but I know I sent it to Larry P so … here it is.  Also, go back and look at the UUP (Dollar ETF) […]

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Dollar Index … again. Look at this chart … U G L Y.

Cliff Note: the BUY pattern worked and then, well, it didn’t?  Some WILD SWINGS in the currency markets.  the Gorilla’s were/are definitely juggling dynamite.  One of my RULES is that I NEVER trade on non-farm payroll days.  Just sit on my hands … bet a lot of people went long $$, then short $$ then […]

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Dollar Update

CLIFF NOTES: the dollar has gone up – strongly —  at the BUY pattern.  While this is good, for now, as you will see below here will be the real test (IMHO).  Here is the last post on the Dollar Index: I have labeled the potential count occurring if dollar bull thesis is correct.  I […]

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the dollar index is at a very crucial and critical level at 79.45-79.47

CLIFF NOTES: I have been a dollar bull for almost a year now and while price has made higher highs on the longer term time frame, it sure looks sick on a daily.  So to the drawing board I have gone …and, while you will see a very nice an orderly count down into 5 […]

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