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if you have been following my blog for a while you know I keep a steady eye on DB (Deutsche Bank) for as long as “they” stay solvent the band will play on … that being said, DB is fraught w/ peril as is the entire world economy and financial infrastructure. yes, I just typed that …

DB finished an AB=CD off the all time lows … it starts getting liquidated you might want to run for the hills.

not trading/investing in it … but watching it big time simply due to the second graph below.

DB is at the heart of the systemic risk to the financial world … it just completed a SELL PATTERN. MONITOR CLOSELY ….

DB Oblivion …redux 03/11/2020


the epicenter of the Corona Virus is China.

the epicenter of the REPO crisis is DB. DB breaking to new lows is NOT A GOOD THING. ding ding … here comes the REPO train and we DO NOT want to be on it …

you can follow the saga of DB here:

what a mess … reminds me of the title to this movie …

Image result for oblivion movie

DB (Deutsche Bank) House of Cards?

05/29/2018 – if you search ‘DB’ on my site you’ll see I’ve been watching this company for the past couple years.  Why?  Well, they are the largest holder of derivatives in the world and have so many ‘tangling alliances’ w/ the major global banks that they contain some serious systemic risk.

folks, this is getting really ugly … the probability of a contagion in Europe is growing larger every day.

watch the global flow of funds in the coming days … the ‘big money’ is going to have to go somewhere and, quite frankly, a big old position in the DOW 30 isn’t necessarily a bad thing is it?  Yes, were going to get some global equity hits over the coming days weeks but ultimately, watch VOLUME and look for measured moves … but, for now and perhaps the foreseeable future stay out of Europe.

will update as we continue along …sheesh, the Eurozone is a hot mess.


DB .. KEY BUY PATTERN in work … like I said at the Chart Summit “not sure which work and which don’t” (pattern)

Deutsche Bank – they hold the largest amount of systemic risk in the global banking environment.

As discussed at the Chart Summit I love failed patterns.  We have a BUY PATTERN appearing below on DB … if it holds, breathe a sigh of relief and a move upward ‘should’ occur and that ‘should’ relieve pressure on the system.

If it fails THEN that really isn’t good for the global economy.  At all …

So, put DB on your watch list and see if the 13-15 level holds … if we break thru these levels to the downside, watch out as it’s going to get very interesting.

As always, thanks for visiting the site.


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