DB Oblivion …

you can follow the saga of DB here: what a mess … reminds me of the title to this movie …

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DB (Deutsche Bank) House of Cards?

05/29/2018 – if you search ‘DB’ on my site you’ll see I’ve been watching this company for the past couple years.  Why?  Well, they are the largest holder of derivatives in the world and have so many ‘tangling alliances’ w/ the major global banks that they contain some serious systemic risk. folks, this is getting […]

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DB .. KEY BUY PATTERN in work … like I said at the Chart Summit “not sure which work and which don’t” (pattern)

Deutsche Bank – they hold the largest amount of systemic risk in the global banking environment. As discussed at the Chart Summit I love failed patterns.  We have a BUY PATTERN appearing below on DB … if it holds, breathe a sigh of relief and a move upward ‘should’ occur and that ‘should’ relieve pressure […]

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