the Coin … update time

while we came close to our upper targets, we never actually hit them but based on this price action I’m going to assume that we have a near term top in place for a much needed correction to relieve the steam.

this is very preliminary but I’m using the past to project into the future .. using the past “percentage” and “price” corrections (dashed red and orange arrows respectively) I’m projection DOWN into logical support areas simply because that is what worked last time …

additionally, I put a “basic” retracement grid from the ATL to the ATH. some nice synergies appearing.

once all that was done I drew some “basic” trend channels (light blue and red lines) and those can always act as support based on polarity …

plus a couple “two tree” (slang from the Navy) gaps were left on the way up so they will also act as support.


we wait … wait for the form, balance and proportion to signify that this correction is complete. the last one was almost 9 months long.

I’ll be monitoring, closely.

the COIN update ..

SHEESH …. all I can say.

and, objectively, STRICLY LOOKING AT THE CHARTS, this sure looks/smells like 3rd of a 3rd action so I’m updating my count.

it BLEW THRU the first two targets at 23K and 34K and now I’m eyeing 43-45L and 51K

does this mean the run in bitcoin is over – I DO NOT think so.

as you can see, I believe we have higher to go, much higher.

coming up w/ targets allows one to manage risk and, potentially, pyramid for doubling or tripling of prices in the future.

what should we expect – VERY violent and liquidating corrective moves (operative saying – corrective) to give one an opportunity to ADD their to ones position.

for those w/ an equity only account here’s GBTC the Bitcoin Investment Trust. nice target hit (a 1.27 extension and 3.142 projection) w/ a pullback occurring – BUT look at the size of the candle and the appropriate volume. glad SOMETHING respected a level (LOL) but don’t think it’s the end of this wave – yet.

bitcoin … who’d a thunk it.

good weekend to all of you – Bart


The notable aspect of Bitcoin is the CRUSHING of the Gartely 222 SELL PATTERN in/around 14-15k. As you have seen me blog before, failed patterns aren’t fun because IF you took the investment/trade THEN you probably lost money. But, to try and figure out “where” you are they tell you a lot. The “usually” result in explosive moves higher or lower depending on the the PATTERN being a BUY or a SELL.

As we approach new highs remember, this is a 5th wave … yes, it could explode higher and higher and higher ….but, the euphoria, the political landscape, the talking heads, the “insert something to fuel the rise here” are all going to be blathering but our job … trust the PATTERNS.

If/when we do get a nice pullback the levels of FAILED PATTERNS are usually good support or resistance depending o the type of pattern.

The 21-23K level is a BIG TARGET as it represents an AB=CD from the ALL TIME low and a 1.27 extension. It SHOULD be stiff resistance if not a big ole target.

Last, just take a second to study the 2nd chart below. Remember the CHAOS of the BITCOIN craze …? Well, if we take the point labeled “S” (start) and follow it to X then A= .786 SX. From there, just look at the relationships that were almost PERFECT in this heightened GLOBAL market. Can someone explain this to me …?

Stay safe, thanks – always – for reading.