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Bitcoin has made, as expected new highs and there is probably some more to go … that being said, the count has worked thus far so I’m sticking with it. always open to get the eraser out, as many of you know, but for now we are advancing in the 5th wave of a bigger wave 3.

I closed my position at 57k and have been sitting on my hands TRYING (it’s hard) to not be greedy and let the waves come to me …

as many of you do and some of you don’t I absolutely LOVE SUP Surfing and I had a board member from my non-profit ( in this weekend and he said it was his “best day of surfing – ever.” peeps – it was amazing.

why? reading the waves on which one to take, which one will clobber you (there were plenty of those and which one is a better L or R, etc. same thing goes w/ the market. it’s all number, vibration and … well waves. the chart below is the bigger picture – updated w/ an RSI and commentary. so far, the “set” coming in looks like it could be ridden.

what do I see nearer term(note: trade what you see, not what you believe)is the following:

  • RSI: note the stair steps higher, in the bigger picture chart above, as this is the “transition” technicians see when the RSI finds new zones of support and resistance that correspond to a bull or a bear case. in this case – bullish longer term but we also have bearish divergence (new highs in price and lower highs in RSI) that is present in the 5th wave advance of a move … key. so, we can see bearish divergence that corresponds to a 5 wave count and, of course, PATTERNS.
  • the chart below is, frankly, a work of art. the synergy that is coming together is remarkable. we have, pretty much, ALL OF THE PATTERNS COMING TOGETHER in/around 66-67. AB=CD, 3 drives to a top and a BUTTERFLY SELL Pattern. WOW.
  • so, all this means is this level is REALLY important. if it holds we’ll probably get a BIG correction (the one I’m waiting for) OR BITCOIN WILL EXPLODE HIGHER. it’s just a pattern but man is this one important.

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BART is a CMT and an expert a "advanced" pattern recognition used w/in the intermarket analysis discipline. He's also an accomplished Business Development Executive providing solutions to a myriad of business markets.

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