Under Armour ($UA) – updated FAILED PATTERN

2/2/2017 – updated over @seeitmarket

Under Armour (UAA) Blows Through Buy Pattern Support

12/22/2016 – important support broke, so looks like the 26-28 zone/area is in play.  again, all probability.   personally, like UA stuff but have no idea what the fundamentals of their marketspace and strategy are.  just patterns peeps. here we go …

also, showed some ‘art’ at how/where to draw retracement grids that are sometimes overlooked … folks, shit pile of numbers coming together.  sorry if offended anyone but that just seemed like the correct word to use.

rock on, ok?




10/25/2016 – I was asked to take a look at Under Armour back in June.  I saw this pattern – again – had ZERO idea if it would get down there.  As a pattern recognition dude, that’s the pattern .. .as of today, appears it’s going to make that level. Some thoughts …

  • this is the first ‘true’ BUY pattern since it’s IPO and after a spectacular and somewhat parabolic run.
  • caution w/ the size of the candles coming down – that denotes thrust and patterns fail when huge thrusts hits the levels
  • note the square root target hits – basically – right at the BUY pattern.  That, my friends, is good.
    • remember, the square root target is using the Gann Square of 9.  One trip around the wheel is equal to the square root of the base number (in this case the high of 53.06) -2 and then resquared. That’s how it works …
  • the second chart is a long term log look at UA. NOTE – it broke it’s fabulous run .. so, this selling pressure is expected.  that’s what happens when long term log trend lines are broken.
  • this pattern fails – IMHO – with a daily close below 25.

page_16-10-25_21-20-36 page_16-10-25_21-27-49




Author: BART

BART is a CMT and an expert a "advanced" pattern recognition used w/in the intermarket analysis discipline. He's also an accomplished Business Development Executive providing solutions to a myriad of business markets.

2 thoughts on “Under Armour ($UA) – updated FAILED PATTERN”

  1. Hey Bart,

    Not too many bother to follow up on an idea that d o e s n’ t work out.
    But, that’s why I have respect for your postings…..wish more were like you.
    Integrity is in short supply on the net.
    About 2 weeks ago I bought my first item from UA………..hope I didn’t cause
    the price to mess up a good setup ☺.

    1. Jeff, thanks for the kind words. It’s also a discipline for me to realize that 1/ I have not control over what pattern works and what doesn’t so 2/ therefore I should not be surprised when it does or when it doesn’t and 3/ just keep playing the laws of probability. Really appreciate your comment and thanks!

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